WHO WE ARE: We are a dedicated group of Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 owners in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Members hail from WA, OR, CA, WY, BC, and a few more exotic places.

– Focus on Teneres, but welcome all bikes and riding levels.

- Plan monthly rides and tech days, with a focus on one or two longer rides each summer.

- Attend special events throughout the year, like the International Motorcycle Show, Horizons Unlimited, and the Overland Expo.

- Encourage further development of riding skills through ride participation, special presentations, and taking classes from reputable instructors

- ride pavement, dirt or a combination of the two. We’re always looking for off-road routes. You don’t need off-road experience, but if you want some, this is the place to find it.

- Enjoy the ride!


email: pnwtenere@gmail.com

facebook – PNW Super Tenere Owners Group

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