Review: Pathfinder tank bag, part 2

Second Review: Pathfinder tank bag from Moto-Montana Outfitters

I got the Pathfinder tank bag installed on the bike; it didn’t take too long, only about 5 minutes, and I didn’t even need the provided instructions. It’s really secure with just the 4 straps and the two anti-slip pads that keep the buckles off your tank. The buckles that hold everything down are quick, easy and secure. They also make for a great carry handle when the bag is off the bike. One of the big questions I had was “How do you fill your gas tank?; is it easy to move the bag out of the way for a fill-up?” The answer is yes (mostly). If you have anything mounted on your handlebars like a GPS or a SPOT on Ram mounts, they will get in the way. Otherwise it’s just pop off the two bottom buckles and a simple flip over the bars to get to your gas tank. Kyle assures me that getting a little spilled fuel on the bottom grippy pad hasn’t been an issue on his personal tank bag so far.  

I have to say that this bag is huge! The largest tank bag I have seen on the market so far. For all of us that take our bikes off road, you might think it would be awkward if standing on the pegs but surprisingly it doesn’t get in the way. (As we all know, having too much weight up high is counter productive the farther we get off road, so climbing “baby head hill” on section 2 of the WaBDR isn’t advisable with this bag on.) It’s perfect for long weekend road trips but daily commuting around town might be a little overkill unless you aren’t running any other luggage on the bike.

One thing you will need to know is it will take about 5 minutes to take off all the straps if you won’t be using the tank bag, because there isn’t really a place to stow the 4 tiedown straps/buckles when the bag isn’t being used. Some may see that as a hassle but it’s to be expected with the configuration of the straps.  

I’ll have it on and off the bike over the next few days/weeks and I’m sure it will be the centerpiece (as in, it’s gonna be front and center on my bike, so pun intended) on the trip to the HU meeting near Yosemite Sept 25-28. I’m thinking of packing my C-PAP and all its accessories in it as it will free up space in the rear luggage.

Kyle is also working on accessories for the tank bag if you want to add other items to the outside. The military multi-functional design makes it easy (search for “MOLLE” on Google to see what I’m talking about).

The bag I have is only one of the first few Kyle has made. If this is just the first generation, he’s off to a great start because there isn’t much I’d change. Ok, I’d change one thing: I’d suggest making a rain fly with a clear top so you can still read your map, but that’s it.

One more review to go, but I’ll add it after I get a few miles on it.


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