TRIP REPORT: Horizons Unlimited, Day One

DAY ONE: Home (Roy, WA) to Belknap Hot Springs, OR.

MILES: 302 miles

HIGHLIGHTS: NF 42, Timothy Lake to Detroit Lake. Korner Post restaurant with moto motif (no pie!). Hot springs.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.47.05 PM

We met up at the Rochester McDonalds and headed out around 8:45am. It was misty and threatening to rain, but we never hit actual precipitation. Glen, Elsa, Chris Dantzscher and Dan Sivertsen picked up Paul Nelson in Sandy, OR, where lunch happened.

Paul led us to NF 42, a beautiful winding paved road through the forest with access to Timothy Lake and others. At Detroit Lake, we stopped at the Korner Post restaurant to admire the motorcycle theme.

We ended the day at Belknap Hot Springs. This is a great place to stay, with a hot pool just for resort guests up the hill near the tent sites. Just don’t pay for the wi-fi, because it doesn’t reach to the tent area, and they’ll charge $3 per day per device after the one device that comes free with the reservation.

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