Interlude: Glen meets Mr. Twisted

So, I met Erik Stephens (aka Mr. Twisted), the CEO of Twisted Throttle this weekend at the Horizons Unlimited meeting in Mariposa, CA. He’s a great guy who knows his stuff when it comes to after-market accessories. He told me that in order for someone to work at Twisted Throttle, they must have a motorcycle endorsement and they must ride. I think that is excellent!

Having bought several things for the KLR, Tenere and Elsa’s BMW, I can attest to his knowledgeable crew back in Rhode Island.

He gave several talks about gear, bike set up, and auxiliary lights while at the HU meeting. He even used my bike as a prop. I guess he didn’t mind the Altrider stickers too much 😉

I had him look at the locks of my Trax bags, which were worn out and flimsy. He said there were better locks available and sent an email back to his guys to send me the new up-graded ones. Can’t beat customer service like that, huh? The new locks were waiting when we got home.

He left Mariposa Saturday and headed directly to SF for a flight to Cologne, Germany and the Intermot Motorcycle Show. He said he’ll be looking for the new smaller Tenere that’s supposed to be out soon. He has his motives and so do we! I think we will keep in touch.

One thought on “Interlude: Glen meets Mr. Twisted

  1. Glen-
    If you have a chance, I would like to see the new locks for your Trax bags. I have the same ones, and the same feelings about the original locks….

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