Review: Pathfinder tank bag, part 3

After spending 10 days and 2000+ miles w/the Pathfinder Tank bag from Kyle Bryant at Moto
Montana, here are my observations. (Pic at the bottom.)

It’s huge! I kept it full of my C-pap gear, spare gloves, camera,
assorted chargers and a 25′ extension cord. It answered plenty of my luggage
solutions while on the trip. The map case on top held my National Park
pass for easy, quick access at the gates of Crater Lake and Yosemite. There
was enough extra room for the brochures and handouts they give you.

On our trip, we made quick gas stops and I rarely got off the bike to fill
the tank, this was a little difficult w/the Pathfinder bag in place and
staying on the bike. To fill my tank, I unhooked the two right side buckles
which allowed me to slide the bag over to the left for access to the tank.
Having to hold the bag w/one hand and knee then fill w/the other hand took
some practice. If you were to do the procedure while not on the bike,
unhooking the front two buckles and sliding the bag on the seat would be much easier.

Once at the Horizons Unlimited meeting, I chose to remove all the mounting
straps but that’s not entirely necessary. The mounting straps can be left on
like in the picture below; there is enough webbing to hook the front
buckles to the rear and thread them thru the protective covers. Because of
the ingenious carry handle Kyle came up with, you will have to remove one of
the female ends of the buckles to get this to work.

The only real downside to the bag I found is taking it off road wouldn’t be
an option for me. Standing on the pegs and reaching over the bag for the
bars doesn’t offer me enough room to comfortably maneuver the bike. I am only 5’8″, with a 32″
inseam and short arms, so it’s just not comfortable for offroad.

Kyle is just starting out (I think I have bag #4). This is an extremely well-made
product and will give many years of use. We can expect more bags and different styles in the future. Give him a holler at


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