Mitas E07 Dakar / Heidenau K60 comparison

From our Canadian counterpart, Bernie. He and Doug put Heidenaus on one of their S-Tens, Mitas on the other. And now they’re road-testing them by heading from Vancouver Island, BC, to the S-Ten Rally in Arkansas.

Glen, good to hear from you. Your timing is good. I was just outside taking a few pics. of the beast loaded as Doug and I are heading out tomorrow on our way to the rally in Arkansas. We just may need studded snow tires to get home 🙂

The Mitas E07 Dakar-Heidenau K60 comparison has gone well. Both Doug and I have run them this year with good success. The approx. 12,000 km they have on them now reflect about 3,200 km of gravel road similar to the PNW Tenere event (ed: this refers to the Cle Elum ride weekend). The front handles very similar to the K60, as in it’s OK, and a true knobby like a TKC80 would be better. The back hooks up slightly better than the K60 in the loose stuff and I have been able to touch the pegs in the dry with confidence. Overall wear: they seem to be about the same as the K60 also.

Will be interesting to see how they last on the ride to Arkansas as our route is about 9500 + km return to Victoria. Will be ordering another set this fall for the spring and it looks like they have added a small center strip similar to the Heidenau to the rear, so will be interesting to see if that effects the wear/use at all. Bernie

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