Mitas E07 Dakar – After Arkansas


Thought I would pass along an update as to the tire wear after our ride to Arkansas.

Weather for the most part stayed below 90°F for most of the ride with a couple of good rain and wind storms thrown in. Tires hung in there well and are now at 21,000 km [~13,050 mi]. Not bad, considering it’s hot and fast across TX, NM, OK, NV, and AZ.

The front is as much or more worn than the back at this point and became quite noisy in the corners on the return ride. Were pretty good in the rain with the exception of the tar snakes which didn’t feel too reassuring. Overall pleased with them and will be putting another set on for next spring.

– Bernie

UPDATE: Forgot to add . . . that I have run 36 psi F and 40 psi R during the life of the tires. I’m not one for airing down for gravel/off road and find they handle fine in these situations with less chance of sidewall or wheel damage and it seems to help in tread life on the pavement.




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