Chris and his high milage Super Tenere

The other day, on another Super Tenere Facebook group, I saw that a guy was trading in his 2012 Tenere for a 2014 non ES.

That doesn’t sound uncommon, until you read on and realize that the 2012 had 130,728 miles on it! Well I had to get ahold of this guy and see what he did to rack up that many miles between 8/11/11 and 11/20/14. For the mathematically challenged as myself….that’s 1197 days or 3 years, 3 months and 9 days, an average of 109 miles a day….every day!

The amazing rider is Christopher Russell-Wood, from Annapolis Maryland. He commutes 100+ miles round trip to the city daily, and is also a multiple Iron-butt member with certificates for 1000 miles in 24 hours, 2000 miles in 48 hours, and 3000 miles in 72 hours. He’s even seen most of the states in the continental US. Another amazing thing is that it was all done while working a 40-hour-a-week job with only government holidays off. He compresses his riding into two- and three-day weekends. He’s truly a hard core rider!

Chris sent me the maintenance records for his bike and they are quite impressive. Here are a few highlights:

– He purchased the 4 year extended warranty. Even with time left on it, the warranty paid for itself in tune-ups and warranty work.

– After the stock set of tires lasted 14,000 miles, he only went through 4 sets of Heidenau K-60 scouts. The Scouts were lasting 25,000 – 30,000 miles!

– The oil he used was Rotella T 15-40 (heavy duty diesel oil)  with factory Yamaha filters

– 4 rear differential seals were replaced (under warranty)

– 4 headlight harnesses were replaced before the recall took effect( under warrenty)

– The following were the valve clearance checks Miles/gap:

27,538mi/intake .005,exaust .009

52,029mi/intake.005,exaust .009

98,898mi/intake.005,exaust .009

-At a major service(120,000 miles), the pistons were pulled; they looked “pristine” and the motor was still “in-spec”. That’s truly a testament to how solid the motors on our bikes are.

The list of “Farkles” on his bike include:

EA Kriega Fork Seal Covers
ALTRider Luggage Rack and Crashbars
Touratech Zega Pro Pannier Rack and Panniers
F-5 Footpegs
Ride on ADV skidplate and side stand foot
Yamaha headlight guard
Bags-Connection Trip tank bag
Baja Designe Light kit
Sargent World sport seats
Olins shock and fork rework
I hope Christopher can take some time off and head our way for an event soon. An amazing rider, and an amazing bike.64282_405378986218892_2075963470_nMontana Wyoming Taking a break fullsize

9 thoughts on “Chris and his high milage Super Tenere

    • Tom – would love to chat with you about your bike. You’re racking up a lot more miles than most folks! I’m on the Super Tenere owner’s forum – “sail2xxs”



      • This was written a ew years back, I’m not seeing Chris on social media anymore. Not sure if he’s still riding or not..

  1. I just bought this bike from a dealership in WV.
    Its going to a good home.
    I have wanted one since they first came out.
    I hope to hear from Chris and he can keep track of old blue.
    Dougfromindy. On

  2. That is an awesome story! I thought that 13k miles a year in my Tenere was a lot, I guess I must learn with the experts lol. When you said that he used the Rotella T 15-40 is that the Rotella Triple Protection 15w40? I have used the Rotella T6 5w40 and loved the feel on the bike but now realize it may have been too thin of an oil… Would like to hear the expert recommendation 😀 Thanks!!

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