ACD Racing Parts Super Tenere Skid Plate

Pacific Northwest Super Tenere Owners Group

ACD skid plate 6

The Yamaha XTZ Super Tenere is known for having a vulnerable sump. I remember watching a review of all the big adventure bikes on YouTube and the Tenere was out of the running right away because the wimpy stock skid plate allowed the sump to be damaged during some high speed riding on a very rough road.

If you’re like most owners of this great, all-around beast, your off-road excursions are fairly limited. In contrast, I spend a fair bit of time riding these conditions. Having ridden the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route and several other rough/goat road excursions, I need good sump protection. The exhaust on the right lower side of the engine and the crossover near the rear of the motor can be easily crushed by a high spot in the road, dented by a stray rock or stick, and they are very expensive to replace! By appearance, the

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