Submitted pictures to Yamaha

Here are most of the photos submitted  by our members to Yamaha for some promotion of our group. We are very thankful to have Yamaha backing us like this! Thank you to all that sent us your pictures! They are awesome! (Click on each picture to see its full detail) 1267223_10152794209442837_1660628380_o


P1020406 Mikes 14 Mikes 2014 IMG_2808_edited-1Tim2Bike on FerryIMG_20150208_123615 Herve1 Mike at the ONPHerve2 Tim1 16 Mikes-2014-on-Baby-Hill-Aug 16.7 Tenere-at-top-of-baby-head-IMG_8290Pyramid-Pass-summit-looking 740028_10151963188117750_6322706431449665686_o 10264241_10201618080843081_2547702443075810607_o-2

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