IDBDR Premier at Hinshaws Yamaha

We had a great turn out last night at Hinshaws Yamaha for the Idaho Backroads Discovery Route movie put on by Touratech. Twelve showed up for dinner at Dickeys BBQ then we rolled over to Hinshaws for the movie. There were about 6 or 8 others waiting at Hinshaws for us for a total of about 20!   Bob Davis, the promotions guy at Hinshaws, asked me to say a few words about the group to the standing room only crowd. I talked about the training weekend with PSS/PSSOR and the big ride around Mt Hood later this summer. Thanks to Chris Dantzscher, we now have very professional looking buisness cards to help promote the group. I’ll be stopping buy as many Yamaha dealers this weekend  in the area to pass some out. Thanks to Yamaha for supporting the group!

DickeysThe line up at DickeysdinnerGreat BBQ  me1st time in front of a crowd SterlingFilm maker Sterling Noreen

IDBDRStanding room only!

2 thoughts on “IDBDR Premier at Hinshaws Yamaha

  1. Shoot. Totally forgot about this. I was planning on attending as I work about 2 miles up West Valley from Hinshaw’s. Bummer. How does the IDBDR look? Planning on doing it in August with a couple buddies.


    • I am too but not as an “event” I plan on doing the Magruder Corridor and Lolo Motorway with a night at Lolo pass hot springs

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