Got Bags?

For those that have been waiting for Mosko Moto bags, they are here!

Mosko Moto

June 4, 2015

The air-freight shipment landed, and the product looks great!!  Man it feels good to finally have some product in stock.  For now anyway.

As soon as the shipment landed, Lee went into PDX and grabbed one piece of everything and brought it back to Hood River so we could study each item in detail.  The quality is absolutely spot-on.  I can’t emphasize enough how great it is to work with such an awesome factory. To Steve, Steve, Anton, David, Ted and the whole factory team: a big hearty THANK YOU!!



We had one final last minute change to the Reckless 80 before production.  The aluminum bar we were using as a stiffener on the leg attachments was too sharp, and was gradually sawing its way through the nylon webbing on the production sample we’ve been using & abusing.  You can see it in the pic below.



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One thought on “Got Bags?

  1. The Copper Basin is clear blue skies yesterday, much cooler today (8:22 am 6/25/15), and no smoke.

    I live at Tolsona Lake, 170 mile Glenn Highway (170 miles from Anchorage, 270 from Fairbanks,18 miles West of Glennallen) 907 947-7979 if any travelers want to stop by or need advice, repairs, etc.

    This is ALASKA! Land of extremes, midnight sun, and rapid changes.

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