BMW, Billings, & Back

It’s great to see a good company growing

Mosko Moto

August 1, 2015

Just got back from a trip to Montana for the BMW Motorcycle Owners Association event in Billings.  Long solo road trip, and another awesome event for Mosko.  It felt kind of weird to leave the office for a week when we have so much going on back home, but because of our direct sales model, these events are even more important for us than they are for other vendors.  And it’s better when we can drive instead of fly, because we can take a show bike (key for doing demos) plus bring inventory to sell cash & carry.

Billings BMWMOA

Got the trailer all loaded up with inventory and a bike.


Man when it rains in Montana it really rains.


Loved having a corner booth for once.



This customer brought in the bag on the left after a 65 mph pavement slide.  She was fine.  The outer…

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