Cyclops H-7 replacement LED bulb Blog part 2, now with new light covers!

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Cyclops H-7 3000 Lumen LED headlight bulb

This is an update to the blog post I did last October on the Cyclops H-7 LED headlight bulb.   It’s taken Darryl a few months acquiring the right tooling and machinery to get light covers developed and made for our bikes. The other bikes he makes caps for are the 2014-16 KTM dirt bikes, 2013 and older F800GS high beam. Next up is the 2014-16 F800GS caps.

(click on picture for higher resolution)


OEM Left, Cyclops Right


OEM Left, Cyclops Right

Darryl used the factory covers from my Super Tenere to design the new deeper covers that make room for the fan on the back of the light. He has more than a decade under his belt as a composite/prototype tool maker and 3D printing/mold making engineer in the airline industry to get the job done right. He only made it to prototype #3 before getting the right compound mixed up. This final version offers a secure fit. _DSC2152 Honestly, I’ve been running the Cyclops H-7 LED’s lights since October without the back covers on, in ALL weather conditions, and have concluded that they aren’t really needed. No moisture or dust has gotten in behind my lenses, and that’s saying a lot for the conditions I ride in.


Darryl tells me that he is constantly getting requests for these lights but the customers just won’t run them without the covers on. Now there is an answer to their , IMO “perceived” dilemma. The projected price is going to be about $175.00 for a set of lights with the larger covers. That sounds like a lot until you factor in the life of the LED which is about 30,000 hours. That equals to riding 1.8 million miles at 60MPH. They will definitely last longer than  any stock or after market high watt halogens.   The quality and quantity of the light from these bulbs are far and above the factory halogen bulbs. It’s like a night and day difference…… sorry, had to use that one 😉

Give Darryl a call or you can order right off the website.

PS: He’s looking to hire an ADV moto friendly assistant that can help with the fabrication of light covers/shipping and receiving. It’s only an entry level position but after everything I’ve seen, he would be one cool boss to work for!

5 thoughts on “Cyclops H-7 replacement LED bulb Blog part 2, now with new light covers!

  1. I got my cyclops bulbs for my xtz1200 on 11/15. They are still going strong. I did have a problem with the back covers though. They don’t click into position like the stock ones do. They are kinda of loose. I can touch them and feel them move a little. They can’t be waterproof or dust proof. Did I just get a bad set or are they all that way? They haven’t fallen off yet. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

    • I don’t use the covers. Darryl did use my covers to design the prototype but that was 5-6 months after I had been using his H-7 LED’s without any covers. Riding in rain of western Washington and taking my bike off road in the summer time, I have not had an issue with moisture or dust getting between the bulbs and the inside of the lens covers. If you give Darryl or Sandra a call and let them know your covers don’t fit perfect, I’m sure they can work with you to make it right. They have a reputation of going above and beyond for their customers.

  2. Thanks for your write-up on these lights. I acquired a 2013 Super Tenere that already has these lights and they are fantastic! That being said, one of the back caps did come off while on the highway. I’ve just inquired with Darryl regarding a replacement. My semi-beef is that I am reluctant to ride in harsh conditions until I have these covers on. You mention that you don’t get dust rain in the lighting, but that would almost seem impossible not to get at least some moisture and dust if you intend to ride ADV-style. How is that even possible to ride with no dust off-road? Given the investment, I would hope that Darryl will offer replacement parts. If he can’t provide this, then perhaps I’ll look to other vendors in the future. After all, it’s one thing t sell a product. Its another thing to provide service after the sale. Besides, he can make money by selling parts! The American way!

      • That’s awesome! We’re coming into summer here in NorCal and I’m hopeful I can get some replacement covers. In the meantime, I’ll be careful not to dump the bike in the drink! (My lights would be me least worry!)

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