November Tech Day with Nels from Two Wheeled Dynoworks


The dyno rig

It was a rainy wet Saturday at Mike Gebhart’s when Nels Byersdorf of rolled up with his Dyno trailer. Earlier in the year, several of the guys had asked to get their bikes tuned after I wrote this blog in July so I spoke with Nels about coming out to our Tech day with his dyno trailer later in the fall. He’s a super busy guy that’s usually a 3 week wait in the spring and summer months to get in to see. Planning something in the fall would be much easier. A few of us had installed new headers and slip on mufflers just for the annual tech day. Two of the guys put on the new exhaust while the rest were removing their ECU’s for Nels to re-flash. Once everything was re-flashed, they all got a spin on the dyno.
photo 2


Mike and Pat pulling the ECU





Nels working his magic




photo 4

photo 3Re flashing really smoothes out the throttle response, in sport mode,it’s like a direct cable from the throttle to the injectors. The touring mode is still at about 80% but the delivery is silky smooth across the power-band. Running a two brothers slip on muffler with Heideneau scout, I reported a respectable 92.29 HP with a max Torque of 73.58 Ft/Lbs. He also optimized the use of regular unleaded gas.

Here is a short raw video of the process Some of the other guys broke the 100HP mark with aftermarket headers and more street oriented tires. Jake reported ” It sounds much more sexy and sport mode is border line dangerous. I’ll be able to give a better review in dry weather when I’m a little less scared of separation of me and bike” I think he likes it 😉
Gary had plenty to say; “So I’m running Arrow headers with the Yoshimura exhaust. Tires are the Mitas E-07 with about 4500 miles on them. Initial run on the dyno netted 89hp and with some tweaking by Nels I topped out at 97hp. According to Nels if my bike had street tires it could’ve potentially gotten to 110hp. I took the bike up and down my street a few times and it is way faster and pulls way harder. The improvements also had an effect on the smile on my face. I also had the baffle taken out which lets the bike scream. Overall I’m extremely happy with the setup but wish I had done it sooner. 2 Wheel Dyno did a great job answering all questions and helping everyone get to the ECU.

Pete’s comments were “Marked improvements in throttle feel, reduction in off-idle shenanigans, and much better torque. It feels like the locomotive she’s supposed to be!”

By the end of the day 9 Teneres and 1 FJ-09 ECUs were re-flashed with 8 Teneres getting tuned on the dyno.

photo 1

Tasty treats

We had a pot luck lunch of hot sausage links, plenty of chips and dip with deserts made by Gary’s wife. Thanks for everyone that pitched in.


Pat, Gary and Nels

It was another successful Tech Day for the PNWSTOG despite the crappy weather.
I’d like to send out a huge thank you to Nels and his right hand man Pat for doing and AMAZING job on our bikes. We appreciate it so much!!

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