Desert 100 on a Tenere, the 1st 13 miles….

This is a report from Gary Rankins about his most awesome experience at the Desert 100 in Odessa Wa. this past weekend.

This past weekend I decided to attend the SJMC Desert 100 in Odessa, WA. I took the Tenere and the DRZ so I could have choices. On Saturday I did the Adventure Poker Run on the Tenere which involved gravel roads, 2 lane roads, single track and a MX track. The MX track was fun on the Tenere. After the day was over I had firmly decided to race the Desert 100 but which bike was the question. Since the DRZ needed tires to do the course I chose the Tenere.

I took the wind screen and mirrors off for safety. I rode with Shawn Henn who rode on a 1200 GS. The plan was to stick together to help each other out since we knew the bikes were going down at some point. Well at the beginning of the race I was all pumped with adrenaline so I rolled the throttle and scared the crap out of myself…lol. I came up on a small hill which put me and the bike airborne. We landed safely but I quickly realized I had better slow down. I waited for Shawn and we continued our journey. Less than a mile later I caught myself going too fast again because the whoops were causing me to fly off the bike. I did well keeping control in that situation.

Overall I am happy with my attempt at doing the 50 miles off road for the adventure class. I rode on types of terrain that I never had ridden before. Shawn and I lasted 13 miles of the race. The rocky hill climbs did me in. I was physically exhausted and I had also lost my rear braking ability. The plus for me is I’ve only been doing off road for two years and to last as long as I did told me that I’m better than I think I am off road. I will learn from this experience and get better with time.

I also want to give a huge thank you Shawn Henn for all his help in picking my bike up, Brian Englund for helping my bike up a hill that kicked my butt (traction control off next time), Chet Mainwaring for his hospitality and advice, and finally Mari Puchalski for making sure I never had more than one beer. I almost forgot about Nick Dal Pozzo who was too scared to try the race. Maybe next year when you get some manhood…lol…jk

And now the carnage

Here is a list of what broke

The passenger footrest bracket on the right side snapped off, bent my right foot peg forward, bent the rear brake reservoir cover causing the reservoir housing to come loose leaking the brake fluid out, tweaked front brake lever, and quite a bit of scratches and some small dents.


To get a feel for what the Desert 100 is all about, check out this cool video from the start a few years back .

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