Another visit to Seth Laam custom Seats

I’ve spent the better part of the last 2 years on a seat rebuilt by custom seat builder Seth Laam in Redding Ca. It was time for an upgrade for my journey and Seth was on my route so it made complete sense to me for another visit. When Dan Sivertson and I 1st went see Seth, it didn’t take long to realize this was quality. He had both our seats done in only a few hours and we were off to enjoy the spectacular riding around Redding.

Seth confessed that he only done a few Super Tenere seats before we had showed up, it was still a vast improvement over stock, but there was more possible. With the help from several PNWSTOG members, and being introduced to several Ironbutt association riders, he has truly mastered our seat design.

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I wrote this blog while still in Redding but waited to publish till I had at least 1000 miles on it. Well, it’s been almost 2000. The 1st few days I will say my butt was hot after only a few miles, I’m not sure what that was but after I had a few hundred miles on it, it broke in very nicely.  I’d say my stock seat was only good for 45 min before I needed to take a break. After the 1st rebuild Seth did, it extended my riding to an hour and a half. This new rebuild has it to well over 2 hours. It’s an amazingly comfortable seat. I can’t say enough good things about the level of service Seth provides. Please give him a call and get your seat ordered.

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