Moto Jug

From contributing writer Gerald Massey:

Hydration is critical to motorcyclists – this MotoJug kit makes it easy


As the old English proverb goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Once again leave it up to a fellow rider to figure it out, in this case not only a fellow rider but a fellow Super Tenere rider! Like many of our crew, this rider commutes to work. On his bike. Unlike most of us his commute is a little over 300 miles one way!
You see David Guymon is a firefighter in LA County, but he and his wife live in the burbs. In this case the burbs means St. George, Utah! Thus the commute, across the Mojave Desert, and the need for water!

David loaded for Work



As I have become more engaged and active in the Long Distance (LD) riding community over the past several years I noted that most serious LD riders had cobbled together some sort of on-board hydration system as opposed to the CamelBak or similar device I was using. Some were more elegant than others but all allowed for stable mounting in a location that did not hamper boarding or egress, efficiently kept the water cool, and most importantly were easy to access and use while riding without risky distraction.
While I can buy the Coleman jug at Wal*Mart as well as the next guy, I knew that my lack of engineering skills would result in some sort of bungee-tied, or even zip-tied attachment design that would embarrass my fellow riders, particularly those on Beemers! That’s when I discovered MotoJug on ADV Rider.
For $75 including shipping (CONUS) MotoJug delivers a very well-made, professional-looking system to install hydration on the bike, while still allowing you to “help” by procuring the aforementioned Wal*Mart jug and attaching the whole thing to your bike.
The MotoJug kit includes:
• MotoJug universal Mount Bag for 1 Gallon Jug
• 2 Straps for securing your MotoJug to your Bike
• 6ft of Hydration Hose Tubing
• Camelback Bite Valve
• Retractable Lanyard to attach drink tubing to your tank bag or wherever you want
• Contact Paper to put on your bike where you think the MotoJug may rub, if needed
The kit neatly installs on a passenger foot peg (either side) using Velcro straps sewn into the bottom of the bag holder. You then insert the provided tubing into the $8 Coleman jug and run it to your tank or wherever you choose to attach to the bike. The attachment is a badge-style retracting lanyard so I found that attaching to the tank bag kept it secure and available while allowing plenty of extension to use for drinking inside my full-face helmet. When done it returns to the attachment point.
I made two modifications to my system. I added a CamelBak quick disconnect inline by the jug to allow for easy removal for filling, cleaning etc. In retrospect this is not necessary as I learned that the Coleman jug mouthpiece in which the tube is inserted is designed to snap in and out of place, effectively providing a quick disconnect. But hey, the inline made me feel useful. The other addition was that I installed a CamelBak covered bite valve. This is very useful when riding off pavement as it keeps dust, etc. from mucking up the mouthpiece as you travel.



I am very pleased with the end result. I found that by filling the jug with ice and then water around 7:00 AM I had cold water all day in temps in the mid-80s. In fact when I removed the jug for cleaning around 8:00 PM it was still about 15% full and what water remained was cool. The day in question involved a variety of surfaces from freeway to aggressive twisties to about 25 miles of somewhat rough gravel with rocky stretches and washboard. None were problemmatic. The system performed as advertised.

I have no relationship or financial interest in MotoJug beyond being a happy client. If you have the ability and patience to engineer, cut and sew you might could save a few bucks making this system yourself. But for the rest of us that want a professional pre-built system to get a cool drink on the move this is a great option!

PS: I have one also and I fully agree with Gerald!


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