August 2015 Big event in the Mt Hood NF

Last update: 18 Oct 2015

I’ll keep this page up till next years event is planned

Register here  (this is to get an idea of how many are attending; further payment options for meals will be provided soon)


Friday Aug 14 –  Dinner 6:30pm at Pro Caliber Powersports Vancouver Wa.
Saturday Aug 15 – Breakfast 7:30-8:30am The Toll Gate inn, Sandy Oregon, dinner will be pizza, 6:30pm at Paul Nelsons house $10 per person

Lunch Saturday out on the ride:

Parkdale: ( no burgers, vegaterian menu)
Cloud Cap:

Sandy,Government Camp,Odell, Parkdale, The Dalles and Estecada
Sunday Aug 16 – Breakfast The Toll Gate inn then ride the routes you missed saturday as you head home

ROUTES –  All routes will be unsupported! Just like the National Tenere Rally, all rides are unsupported. There won’t be any predesignated ride leaders or sweeps, however, there are several guys that know the routes so you can tag along if you want. We have GPS tracks for download. There are several routes to choose between with varying difficulty from all pavement or graded gravel forest roads to Jeep trails.  The majority of the main forest roads in Oregon are paved but are only a lane to lane and a half wide. The “frost heaves” and numerous pot holes keeps most all other bikes( cruisers) off them, but you will encounter mini vans, subarus and 4×4’s. Pick one or two routes, buddy up with a few friends and go explore, just be back for dinner.

Please keep groups sizes 4-6 riders for safety.

Notes about the GPS files                                                                                                                                                    When you open the file in Basecamp, notice that all the routes are layered on top of one another. They are listed separately in the drop down menu on the left of the screen (on your computer). You can load only the routes you plan to do on your GPS or all of them, it’s up to you. These routes are not the shortest way between 2 points, so you need to turn off the “turn by turn” setting on your GPS. All of the routes are on maintained paved or graded gravel roads (except Old Barlow Rd) The GPS routes are only a guide, you are free to connect them up to make your own. Oregon does a real good job of marking all intersections so it’s real hard to get lost. WordPress will not let me attach the GPS files here, please e-mail me at for the files, I’ll e-mail them to you directly. 

Remember, as with everything electronic, a healthy dose of common sense is needed. If your GPS is telling you to ride off a cliff, please use your discretion!

Sandy to Mt Hood with less than a 1.5 miles of Highway 26 “AKA STAY THE HELL OFF 26!”
From Sandy, Take SE Ten Eyck Rd to Marmot Rd( right turn just after Sandy river bridge) Then left on E Barlow trail Rd(paved) Then right on Lolo pass Rd to Zig Zag. Left on Highway 26 for 1.4 miles and right on Still Creek Rd Easy (TC-1) 1.5 wide lane paved forest road turns to easy gravel after a few miles. Still Creek Rd takes you to E Perry Vickers Road and that takes you to Trillium and Kinzel Lake Roads (Kinzel Lake Rd is rough gravel) or back on Highway 26 just past Government Camp. It’s all well marked and highly travled.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 7.17.06 PM  Sandy- Zig Zag – Lolo Pass – Parkdale
90% twisty 1.5 lane wide paved forest road. Keep right and your eyes up for oncoming traffic. Lots of vista photo ops. There is a 4-5 mile section of easy (TC-1) graded gravel 2 lanes wide just past Lolo Pass to Parkdale, then pavement the rest of the way. Look for the Lava field.  The road to Cloud Cap is graded gravel. Check out Punch Bowl falls before the town of Odell.


Pauls Lake hopping route/ Big loop to Ripplebrook Ranger Station and Estacada                                                           This is an all-day loop of almost all pavement so pack a lunch for the back country. The only dirt/gravel/rocky sections are to Trillium and Kinzel lakes( Paul tells me that the Kinzel Lake Road is quite rough and rutted so it will be slow going in TC-2 or off). It’s paved to Clear, Timothy and Little Crater lakes. Pack your swim suit (or not) and take a dip to cool off if it’s hot. (No swimming in Little Crater Lake) There are a few scenic vistas but what you’ll really love is the curvy roads of NF 57,58 and Oregon 224. Even though turning left at The Ripplebrook Ranger station for Detroit lake will be extremely tempting, you most likely won’t be back in time for the 6:30 pm dinner at Paul’s house in Sandy. Save that for Sunday and the route home 😉

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 5.57.07 AM


Little Crater Lake

Little Crater Lake

Dirt Loop/Old Barlow Rd (FR 3530)                                                                                                                                           It’s a jeep trail that can be done on a Super Tenere by an intermediate to experienced rider with more aggressive than OEM tires. MX boots should be worn if you have them and it would also help to remove your panniers to lighten your load. (TC-2 or off) You will be in 1st gear for the better part of 6-8 miles.
Expect deep water cuts, 4×4 ruts with rocky and sandy sections. It shouldn’t be attempt after a rain, as it will be very slippery and soupy, it needs to be dry. If the road is above your skill level and you need to head back to the pavement, that 1st section of the Old Barlow Rd comes out on NF 48 11 miles south from where the road starts. The roads are well marked.

My personal recommendation for Old Barlow Rd is
If after the 1st 1/2 mile, you say “oh shit” more than 3 times, turn around, it only gets worse but If you say “hell yeah” keep going…… :-p Just be careful and don’t get in above your head, Ride your own ride!


Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 8.25.25 PM  _DSC2103

Parkdale – Odell – Mosier-The Dalles                                                                                                                                                         This is the PERFECT Dual Sport route for the beginner, a hidden gem! Old Dalles/Elder Rd and Husky Rd( easy TC1 gravel) to Mosier then amazing pavement on either US 30 thru Meyer St park and the Rowena curves, OR from Mosier on State Rd and 7 Mile hill Rd to The Dalles. They are both EXCELLENT pavement choices!

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 5.43.51 PM

_DSC2108 _DSC2120 _DSC2128

For the more adventurous riders, there are 3 OHV parks in the Mt Hood NF ( OHV permits required)


The Best Western Hotel (only hotel in town): Just three blocks from PNW Tenere Sandy Base Camp (Paul’s house).
There are 19 rooms saved; book before July 14.  Rates are $130-$135 for single or double rooms. They are saved under “PNW Tenere event”

37465 Hwy. 26, Sandy, Oregon 97055
503.668.7100 – Main
1.888.882.1214 – Toll-free

Tent camping – There is room on Paul’s lawn for 6-10 tents, more if you trek into the neighboring woods.

Wood Shop/Bunk house – There are 6 bunks upstairs in the wood shop; first come, first served. Plenty of floor space upstairs in the shop if you bring your own pad.  There is a bathroom in the shop and a shower in the sauna. Yes, there really is a sauna!

Nearby US Forest Service Camps – Sandy is 30 minutes from Government Camp on Mt. Hood. There are US Forest service campsites on US 26 on the way up to Mt. Hood ( Highways 26 is suggested but you should still plan on coming into Sandy for the Saturday BBQ.

Other area hotels – There are lots of hotels in the Mt. Hood area. Use this map to see a few. For a memorable experience, consider staying at Timberline Lodge, up on the mountain, 34 miles from Sandy.



Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 8.16.53 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 4.44.29 PM



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